Chen Guang Ming

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Chen Guang Ming




1989    Graduated from Xubeihong Studio


Solo Exhibition

1997   Solo Painting Exhibition, Malaysia

1996   Solo Painting Exhibition, City Art Gallery, Malaysia


Selected Group Exhibition

2004    Oil Painting called ”Qiangtang People” was selected for the 10th National Art Exhibition

2003    Oil Painting called ”Qiangtang People”won Group Star Prize of Ministry of Culture and Gold Prize of National Art Exhibition.The works are collected by the Chinese and Foreign collectors.The painter is the professional artist.

2002    Oil painting called “Father and Son”won gold prize of Liaoning Provincial Exhibition for the 60th Anniversary Speech and was selected for the national art exhibition.

Oil painting called “Miners”was exhibited at the 16th New Painters and New Works Exhibition held by the Chinese Artist Association.

2001    Oil painting called “Miners”won the gold prize of Liaoning Art Exhibition for the 80th Anniversary of CPC Foundation and the excellent prize of National Art Exhibition for the 80th Anniversary of CPC.

1990    Oil Painting called “Still Life” was exhibited Inner Mongolia Painting Exhibition organized by Inner Mongolia Artist  Association in Buryat.

1989    Oil painting called “Lane” was exhibited in Toronto Canada and was collected.

Oil painting called ”Still Life”was exhibited at the Inner Mongolia Customs and Manners organized by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in Beijing Culture Palace of nationalities.

1987   Oil painting called “Old Hetao Farmer”was exhibited at Inner Mongolia Youth Art Exhibition and won the Second Prize.

1982   Oil painting called “Spring”was exhibited at the Painting Exhibition of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and was published.