Liu Chun Hai

tet tet tet tet tet tet tet

Liu Chun Hai

b.1966, China



1991    Graduated from Art College of Harbin,Normal University


Selected Group Exhibition

2010    Chateau de Tours, France Tours

2009    Bruce Baton Gallery, The Hague Netherland


Solo Exhibition

2008   Pata Gallery, Beijing, China

2007   Yan Club, Beijing, China

2006   Pata Gallery, Beijing ,China

2005   Kortman gallery, America

2004   Mao and More Gallery,Sydney ,Australian

2003   Mao and More Gallery,Sydney,Australian

2002   Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong,China

2001   Yun-Feng Gallery,Beijing,China

Qi Hua Gallery,Beijing,China