Wu Jian

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Wu Jian

wok and live in Newyork now.

1942 Born in Shanghai,from JiangSu Province


1986 After studying in the United States ,he learned the San Francisco Art Institute and the Art League.
He is a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a member of the American Portrait Gallery. He has taught at the Department of Art Shanghai and Shanghai Jiaotong University .

1961 Studied in Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts in China
Solo Exhibition

1996 Solo exhibition in Asia At Center,Taipei,Taiwan


Group Exhibition

1986 United States before the works have been selected for the National Art During several years the United States has organized exhibition


Work for domestic and foreign collectors attention, and Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Lu Xun Memorial Hall, Connecticut State Museum of NECCA Tsui, Hong Kong Museum and collections. Works include “lectures”, “Lu Xun and Qu Qiubai”, “before” and so on.