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3:5--Coco Guo Solo Exhibiton

[Exhibition Theme]3:5
[Artist]Coco Guo
[Exhibition Consultant]Zoe Chang
[Duration]2015.05.16 –2015 .06.25
[Opening ]2015. 05.16 4pm-7pm
[Address]Pata Gallery Shanghai–Moganshan Rd.Rm A1 4-101 Shanghai


The Obsession of Inverted Triangle

As an abstract artist who likes to employ extreme methods in painting, I prefer to present myself prior to other things in my art works. Triangle is a self-contradictory pattern. That’s why is attracts more attention from me than other geometric shapes.

When a triangle is displayed inverted, sustaining the whole structure with the tiny tip, it creates a sense of nervousness, collision and invasion. An inverted triangle stultifies itself constantly. It is a perfect demonstration of ideological self-contradiction.

I abstract and simplify a certain object and make it the one and only subject of the painting. In other words, the subject exists before the work itself. Apart from the theme, a good composition is also crucial for a painting. I like to apply the ratio of 3:5 (close to the golden ratio 0.618 ) to the frame size and content of my paintings.

In my works, triangle identifies with reality yet simultaneously disapprove it constantly, letting the changing subjects give it different and specific meanings.


by Guo Mengyao


New Works of Tung Lung Hsu Solo Exhibition Tour 2014 【Beijing】 Duration: 2014 .08.23 — 2014 .09.18 【Shanghai】Duration:2014 .09.27 — 2014 .10.21


New Works of Tung Lung Hsu Solo Exhibition Tour 2014

Artist:Tung Lung Hsu



Duration: 2014 .08.23 — 2014 .09.18

Opening : 2014 .08.23   3pm-6pm

Address:Mountain Art Foundation + Frank Lin ArtCenter–No.4 Jiuxianqiao Rd 798 Art District,Beijing



Duration:2014 .09.27 — 2014 .10.21

Opening:2014 . 09.27   3pm-6pm

Address: Pata Gallery Shanghai–Moganshan Rd. Rm A14-101 Shanghai


21.《哲学的影子 The philopshy of the Shadow》  郑宏祥作品   布面油画、雕花画框、纸、金属钉      80cm x 100cm     2013年

Art Beijing 2014 |2014.04.30–05.03 | Booth C3

Art Beijing 2014

VIP Preview: 19:00~22:00, April 16, 2014

Dates & Times: 2014.04.30–05.03

Venue : Agricultural Exhibition Centre of China (New Hall,Hall 3)

Address : No. 16, Dongsanhuan North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China


This year we will be showing two artists, Tung Lung Hsu and Zheng Hong Xiang.

Please come visit us at Booth B1.

Thank you!

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